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Diverse facilities:2 refrigeration houses with a total area of 75,000m2 including one at-20, one at0-4, a professional tuna refrigerator at-55,a professional ice cream refrigerator at-25--30; and a thermostatic house at10-12with an area of 40,000m2.

Large capacity:The refrigeration houses have a total capacity of 80,000t. After being put into operation, the annual throughput could reach 480,000t.

High standards:The refrigerators are from famous domestic and international manufacturers with well-organized and advanced logistics disposition facilities which are at the cutting edge of the industry.

Professional management:Our work standards conform to the newly issued PRC National Standard (No. 30 of Year 2014). Our superior information management system guarantees effective goods-pallet control, real-time and accurate searching for storage information and ideal storage temperature control.

Comprehensive services:We offer services including bonded warehousing, distribution, transfer, delivery and VMI, and expect to become a designated import inspection warehouse for meat and fruit.

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