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Bondedlogistics park

Food processinglogistics park

Bonded logistics park

The Project is situated in the East Lake Free Trade Zone, No. 777, Guanggusan Road, Jiangxia District, Wuhan City.

The project is to build a public imported food platform featuring meat and fruit and a public cross-border E-commerce platform, which focuses on food import and export, bonded logistics, processing and exhibition transactions so as to build a modern comprehensive bonded logistics park combining warehousing, logistics, processing, exhibition and transaction. The Project consists of two major areas within which the bonded logistics park has an 80,000m² refrigeration house, a 40,000m² thermostatic house, a 35,000m² normal temperature warehouse, and a 70,000m² exhibition and E-commerce center.

Food Processing Logistics Park

1.Food processing factory and supporting refrigeration warehouse with an area of 40,000m²

2.Logistics warehouse with an area of 20,000m²

3.Employees’ apartment and other space with an area of 5,000m²

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Address:NO.777,Optical Valley Three Road
WUHAN East Lake New Technology
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