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Import and export trade


Jinyu has a proprietary importing qualification for the purchase of overseas beef and mutton, seafood and fruit which permits us to conduct bulk trade, wholesale and various retail operations. In addition, Jinyu has a meat and fruit wholesale market in the East Lake Free Trade Zone, which allows meat and fruit imported to central China to be inspected and undergo customs clearance at Jinyu after arriving at Wuhan ports, thus saving 50% in transportation costs within the territory of China.

As for export, Jinyu has set up a public service platform for Hubei agricultural products, the first such bonded base in central China. Its sound exporting supply chain and facilities and comprehensive services which include import and export agents, warehouse rental and logistics have ably met the demand of agricultural and chemical businesses inside the zone for processing and export expansion so as to help them generate maximum value.

Business advantages:
 l We have an advanced refrigeration house with a comparatively large capacity, which ranks among the largest in central China and is expected to become a meat and fruit warehouse for inspection at Wuhan ports.
 l Imported goods processed within a storage deadline enjoy tax exemption which reduces the costs to partners.
 l Our public platform has evident advantages for the efficiency of customs clearance, inspection and quarantine and import quotas.


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